Thursday June 6 2024 | LIBERTY GRAND, TORONTO

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Stage 1 – Nominations

The call for nominations is open to all wealth management professionals and organizations – including financial advisors, advisory brokerages, BDMs, fund providers and service providers – from across Canada.

Nominations are open from December 11, 2023 to February 16, 2024 11:59 pm EST.

To submit a nomination, go to the Nominate page of this website then provide the nominee’s contact details and a brief reason for nomination within a 300-word limit. There is no fee to submitting a nomination.

Stage 2 – Research

The Wealth Professional Awards team will conduct research and draw on knowledge and information gained through Wealth Professional to support and supplement nominations received and to ensure that no one deserving of recognition is missed. Excellence awardees will be determined from both pools of information.

Stage 3 – Excellence Awardees

Once all nominations are considered and research is complete, excellence awardees will be selected in each category (except the Lifetime Achievement category) and notified via e-mail or phone.

All excellence awardees are then invited to complete a detailed submission, which is an opportunity to address the category criteria in more detail. All submissions will remain confidential unless otherwise marked and will not be shared with any third parties other than the judges.

Excellence Awardees will be officially announced in March 2024 on the event website and promoted in WP magazine and online channels. Promo packages to leverage your achievement across your marketing and promotions will be available for purchase.

Stage 4 – Judging

All submissions from our excellence awardees are forwarded to the independent judging panel comprising industry leaders and senior representatives. Each section of the submission form will be scored against an evaluation scale (see below). The cumulative scores from each section will create a total score for each finalist.  Each category will have a min of 3 judges voting and the cumulative total scores will be added together to determine the winner. The evaluation scale and questions are based on the criteria points.

Voting will commence in April 2024 and their judgment will be impartial, balanced, incisive and fair. Any judge with a conflict of interest in a category will recuse themselves from judging that category.

Stage 5 – Winners

Winners will be announced at the awards show on June 6, 2024 and on this website. They will be promoted in Wealth Professional. Promo packages to leverage your achievement across your marketing and promotions will be available for purchase.