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The IFSE Institute Award for Financial Literacy Champion

“Our industry is amazing because there are so many other finalists who teach Canadians financial literacy. I think our industry has come a long way” – Elizabeth Naumovski, Caldwell Securities


EDUCATION AND financial literacy are a popular initiative in the wealth management industry, and Elizabeth Naumovski of Caldwell Securities was happy to accept the Financial Literacy Champion Award. Naumovski says she learned many financial lessons from her parents, who taught her to save every penny and only purchase what you can afford. “I have lived my life by walking the talk and tried to mentor young women and let them understand you don’t want debt– you want to save money, and cash is king,” she said.


“This award is important for the financial well-being of Canadians,” said Christina Ashmore, managing director of award sponsor IFSE Institute. “There are so many advisors who do good work, and we want to recognize that it’s such an essential part of what’s needed in the industry.”

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